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SME 3009 P1 Spacer
Cost:  $60.00

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A Genuine (NOS) SME 3009 & Series III Spacer Plate Adapter .

We are the last people on the planet earth to have these in stock.

This Spacer Plate Adapter will allow you to mount your SME 3009 & Series III tonearm on virtually turntable

where arm height is an issue. Including the Garrard 301.

This has to be one of the hardest SME accessories to find !!!

With this little spacer plate you will accurately be able to mount your SME 3009 or Series III tonearm

on any turntable that has an extra tall platter.

In fact it is never recommended to extend the tower completely on your SME tonearm

you are losing a great amount of rigidity.

That is exactly why SME developed the SME P1 Spacer.

Why ? Because it's an SME (NOS) part ! The correct part for the job !

They are supplied complete with all mounting hardware.