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Benz Micro Ruby 3 Cartridge
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The body, machined from precious Bruyère wood, with a carefully designed open bottom reduces cavity resonances to zero.

The new Ruby H phono cartridge
Neuhausen-am-Rheinfall, Switzerland:
Albert Lukaschek, owner, Managing Director and Chief Designer of Benz-Micro products, introduces the new RUBY H higher output flagship phono cartridge. This special higher output version of the RUBY 2 is a result of market demand for a higher output "true MC" based on the Benz Ruby non-ferrous generator.

After intense research into current magnetic materials, Herr Lukaschek chose a Hybrid Magnet consisting of neo-dymium, boron and iron. The strong magnetic properties of this Hybrid Magnet can only be applied to the non-ferrous Ruby core used in the Benz flagship cartridges. The super strong "H" magnet would cause magnetic saturation of iron cores used in the Benz Glider, MC Reference and other models, as well as found in almost all other cartridge designs.

The RUBY H uses the new "DYNASCAN" ultra-profile diamond stylus, hand mounted to the Benz solid boron rod cantilever. Cantilevers are laser cut to specification and the "DYNASCAN" is face bonded to the treated edge of the boron cantilever under high powered microscopes in a special "clean" environment. The ultra-low mass of this scanning end of the cartridge delivers low level resolution, tonal linearity and incredible dynamics.

The RUBY H uses all the other benefits of the BENZ RUBY 2 including mass reduced, diamond polished Ruby former; high purity, super fine copper wire; reinforced coil/cantilever coupler; and machined Bruyere wood body. The RUBY H has an output level of .8mV at 5cm/sec (.6mV at 3.54 cm/sec). The Benz Ruby 2 now also features the "DYNASCAN" stylus, "H" magnet, revised coil windings and output of .45mV at 5cm/sec (.3mV at 3.54 cm/sec).
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