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Benz Micro L2 M2 H2 Cartridges
Starting At  $850.00
Based on famous cartridges such as our MC-1000 or the MC-200, we developed this series of advanced transducers which incorporate time-tested technologies. Cross coils, as well as magnets and poles were retouched and improved. The bodies are now machined from the same Bruyère wood as our top models, the Benz Ruby and the Benz Reference.

It was our goal not to simply introduce an old hat with a new name, but to offer a truly new and improved product. This despite the fact that our MC-1000, for example, is still held in very high esteem with audiophiles all over the world.

So neither wood body nor different output voltages are mere marketing gags. In order to suit the needs of as many customers as possible, we developed the H2 with 2.5mV output for direct connection to an MM input, the M2 with 0.8mV especially for combination with tube phono stages, and the L2 as an excellent medium-priced alternative to our best low output moving coil pickups.
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