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DV-20X H/L Cartridge

Dynavector gained a reputation 25 years ago for producing affordable high quality moving coil phono cartridges. Many music lovers were introduced to the advantages of moving coil for the first time through Dynavector ownership. A major factor was the availability of high output Dynavectors designed to work with MM inputs so saving the expense of having to change electronics to suit a low output MC. Dynavectors crucial breakthrough was to design a coil winding machine capable of working with extremely fine wire so giving a high output to mass ratio.

DV-20X has a solid aluminium-alloy body similar to the XX-2. This makes a rigid platform for the cartridge motor and aids secure fitting to the arm. The cantilever is a 6mm length hard aluminium pipe cantilever with a perfect elliptical nude diamond stylus.

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Specifications Value
Type High/Low output moving coil cartridge with flux damper and softened magnetism
Output Voltage  2.8mV / 0.3mV (at 1KHz, 5cm/sec.)
Channel Separation  25 dB (at 1KHz)
Channel balance  1.0 dB (at 1KHz)
Frequency response  20 - 20,000Hz (± 1dB)
Compliance  12 x 10-6 cm/dyn
Tracking force  1.8 - 2.0 grams
DC resistance 150 ohms / 5 ohms
Recommended load resistance  > 1Kohms / > 30 ohms
Cantilever  6mm length, hard aluminium pipe
Stylus  Perfect elliptical
Weight 8.6 grams