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DV - 507MKII
The Mk 2 version of the Dynavector DV 507 tonearm has made its long-awaited debut, building on the strengths of the original DV 507 which has enjoyed the highest reputation among audiophiles world-wide since its appearance in 1984.

As it is a bi-axis inertia controlled tonearm the DV 507, no matter the type of cartridge can trace the music signal grooves cut in the recording with extreme accuracy. The DV 507 also provides superb trackability on warped recordings. Resolution and musical detailing are quite remarkable.

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Specifications Value
Type Bi-Axis inertia controlled Dynamic and Eddy Current Damping Dynamic Balance type tone arm
Overall length  306mm. With head shell: max 326 mm
Effective length   241mm (i.e. tonearm pivot point to cartridge stylus point)
Overhang  15mm
Offset angle  21.5 degree
Height  59mm lifts up to 92mm
Height adjustment range  39mm-72mm at sub arm center
Depth 36mm without connecting cable
Optimum cartridge weigh  >15-35 grams, including headshell
Horizontal tracking angle error  -1.1 degree - +2.2 degree , 0 degree at inner band of record, 2.2 degree at outside
Tracking force adjustment range  0-38 grams by 0.2 grams step
Sensitivity Horizontal:less than 50 mgrams, Vertical:less than 40 mgrams
Net weight 1,380 grams
Output connection 5P connector
Headshell connection EIA standards 4 Pin connector
Accessary -low resistance (0.025 ohms/m, 50pF/m) high quality arm cord,
-milled aluminium headshell weight 15 grams.
-mounting template for the arm
-mounting template for headshell