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Graham Engineering Robin Tonearm

 The Robin tonearm from Graham Engineering is designed to fit into the budget of many audiophiles who have such popular turntables as the Rega, the Basis 1400 series, the VPI HW-19, Scout, or Aries models, plus the Clearaudio Champion and all similar turntables. In addition, the Robin is instantly interchangeable with our different base mounts, and you can choose between the Graham 2.2-compatible, the Rega, or the VPI Scout, all providing drop-in convenience as readily as any "package" system.

The Robin is a simple tonearm in design, built to our specifications in in Japan, and with the highest finish quality in the Graham Engineering tradition. We have engineered several new key features which contribute to its superior sound; this can readily be observed by comparison to any competitive tonearm.

The Robin is fully user-compatible with our deluxe-series tonearms; that is, the Robin can use the same mounting hole pattern and, with it's removable headshell, can use the patented Graham Alignment system. That way, you can begin your analog system with the Robin, with the full security that your turntable will automatically accept the Deluxe Series Graham tonearms when you're ready.

Of course, the Robin has a full range of user adjustments, including calibrated tracking force and anti-skate settings. In addition, we have designed a new mounting base so that the arm will not fall when the VTA locking screw is loosened. The arm can easily be slid up and down to auditition the correct height and then locked into place once the proper setting has been determined.

The Robin comes with a good-quality, removable 1-meter DIN plug cable; however, for even more performance and resolution, we recommend the use of one of our other, more advanced cables, such as the modestly priced IC-40, ideally suited for the Robin, or the IC-50 with silver wiring.

Whichever cable or cartridge is used, the Robin tonearm will give new life and dimension to your popular priced turntable system.

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