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Delphi MK V Turntable
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Oracle believes that achieving simplicity in design is the combination of knowledge and common sense. A properly designed device creates its own form, one that reflects the beauty of its function. True artistry combines these elements by means of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Oracle turntables are praised as much for their appearance as for their performance.

Accurate reproduction of music begins with a clear understanding of the problems involved. Record playback occurs in a sea of unwanted vibrations. External vibrations from loudspeakers and footfalls of people walking in the room are transmitted to the record through the air and the room structure. Internal vibrations from the turntable motor, the platter main bearing system and from the record itself also interfere with the recovery of musical information. The finest details of a musical recording correspond to changes in groove width of only a few microns (millionths of an inch). Thus, even the tiniest vibrations during playback can result in the loss of fine details. Equally damaging to musical integrity is the distortion that extraneous vibrations add to the sound. For musical reproduction to be accurate, the record groove has to be completely isolated from such sources of vibration.

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Specifications Value
Optional Turbo Power Supply A sophisticated high performance "Turbo" power line conditioner supply is available, as an extra-cost option.
Dimension 363 X 475 X 150 mm
14.5 X 19 X 6 in

Delphi acrylic base : 16 kg
35 pounds
Delphi granite base : 27 kg
60 pounds