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CD 2500 Player

Because the CD vibrates (chatters) slightly due to the high rotational spin speed of the CD mechanism this "chatter" problem had to be addressed. Oracle have created an interface system that effectively controls this unwanted vibration through an innovative combination of materials and their interaction.

Chatter is a persistent feature of the compact disc, and it causes a major problem. The chatter or wobble of the disc causes the laser to lack focal clarity, this results in distortion or misread information. This in turn causes the error correction circuitry to have to operate, sometimes to excess.

Oracle pioneered the now well established "record clamp" system to solve problems with analogue records. A similar system has been developed by Oracle to combat CD chatter. Our Disc clamp acts to eliminate the chatter by magnetism, this, coupled with a slight vacuum created by a thick Urethane washer resolves the problems.

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Cd Player Specifications Value
Connector BNC
Load Impediance 75 Ohms
Output Impediance 75 Ohms
Output Level 0.5 Volts. Peak to Peak @ 75 Ohms load
RCA Specifications Value
Cardas Rhodium plated RCA
Load Impediance 5 kOhm min. 50 kOhm max.
Output Impediance < 100Ohms
Output Level 2.4 Volts effective
DA Converter Value
D To A Converter Crystal CS4390. 24-Bit / 96kHz
Delta - Sigma
Signal To Nose Radtio 115 dB
Dynamic Range 106 dB
Oversampling 128X