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CD 1500 Player

The analogue stage plays a vital role in high performance of the Oracle CD player , it filters the quantification residues , it eliminates left over pollution from the supplies in a common mode and the electrical rejections of the different internal circuitry of the CD engine drive board.The fine tuning of our digital to analogue converter board has resulted from a 3 years intensive research program before reaching our goal. The goal was to eliminate the need for, and use of internal pre-amplification circuitry needless to say we succeeded.

Digital to Analogue Converter Board Workload Specifications Balanced input
- 12 dB filtering without looping
- No global feedback diagram
- No continuous control
- No solid current generator
- Maximum bandwidth possible

Digital to Analogue Converter Board Specifications 430 khz square wave without filtering cells
- 0.1 micro second rise time without any phase correction cell
- Balanced input-- Unbalanced output through RCA connectors
- Large input impedance ( F.E.T. )
- Very powerful and sturdy output transistors, 25 W @ 1 Amp/120volts
- Low noise transistors for each tension stage
- Differential cascade stage input with a filtering cell to eliminate the need additional buffer stages.

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Cd Player Specifications Value
Connector BNC
Load Impediance 75 Ohms
Output Impediance 75 Ohms
Output Level 0.5 Volts. Peak to Peak @ 75 Ohms load
RCA Specifications Value
Cardas Rhodium plated RCA connectors
Load Impediance 5k ohms minimum, 50k ohms maximum
Output Impediance lower than 100 ohms
Output Level 2,4 volts effective
DA Converter Value
D To A Converter Crystal CS4390, 24-Bit
Delta - Sigma
Signal to Noise Ratio 115 dB
Dynamic Range 106 dB
Oversampling 128X