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People are talking...

Here at KR Audio Products we do not inflate the truth and make empty and unsubstantiated promises or claims. Instead we do just the opposite, we let our customers do the talking for us. Have a look at what our clients have to say about us and KR Audio Products:

Super fast shipping Alfred is a man of his word Thanks again Tim !!

Alfred was very helpful and made this transaction absolutely painless. He shipped the tubes even before he had received my full payment - talk about fantastic service and trust. I give him my very highest recommendation and would not hesitate to purchase again. Thanks, Alfred!

Thanks a lot Alfred!Your tubes (Mullards EL 84 )are really wonderful.They make my amp come alive!It wouldn't be the same without them.Very friendly and reliable,Alfred is a joy to deal with!A real gentleman.
10-20-06  re: Accessory

Wonderful tubes - highly recommened. Service was prompt and courteous. Tubes were better than advertised. Packaging was superb. I am very pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate to do additional business with KR Audio. Five stars!! Thanks very much.

Item as described & well packed. Fast shipping. Would deal with again.

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I recived the tubes in perfect order, with good comunication and friendly advice from seller. Higly recommanded...

What can I say! These guys know their business. They provide you with great service and answer and address every question you have. Great support during and after the sale. And YES thes tubes were the real deal. Highly recommended.
10-17-06  re: Accessory

Absolutely first rate service! Very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks Alfred!
10-14-06  re: Accessory

Alfred of KR Audio Products has the best Mullard EL-84!Period.Very supportive,prompt and advicing.I was looking for the definitive tubes for my Marshall 18 W Amp and I found them!Let's give Alfred 2 thumbs up too!!
10-09-06  re: Accessory

Alfred was great to deal with. The balanced quad tubes were delivered quickly and intact, a very good packing job. They sound superlative. I would deal with KR Audio Products in a heart-beat.
10-05-06  re: Accessory

Kr Audio is the most reliable tube supplier in the world. Even some hard-to-find items, too. Very pleasant to deal with and their speedy/safe handling is second to none. Would leave all my future quest for tubes with KR Audio anytime. Two thums up
10-04-06  re: Accessory

Passionate about his craft, elevates the pleasure of the hobby to a whole new level. A member of the highest caliber, A+.
10-02-06  re: Accessory

Fast with outstanding communication. AAA++++++highest rating!
09-28-06  re: Accessory

I can't imagine to buy audio goods at another shop. The reasons I recommend about Alfred's shop are... Low price, consideration, familiarity, convenience, and high mutual trust. Without hesitation I'm going to introduce his shop to my Japanese friends from now on.

Excellent turntable! better than expected in absolute mint / new condition. Packaging better than anything the factory used. I would not hesitate ordering anything. Honest and quick and fairly priced..Haven't seen a better merchant yet!!!
09-26-06  re: Analog

Working with Alfred was an excellent experience . I was in need of some hard to find gear and he was able to procur from Japan and have delivered inside of 2 weeks! An asset to Audiogon , HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!
09-24-06  re: Analog

Alfred was true to his word, a gentleman to deal with, and extremely fast to ship. I have never seen tubes packaged better and safer to resist damage. I highly recommend this member as someone you can trust. Thanks Alfred, for a smooth transaction!

Alfred is a joy to deal with. Great communication, and lightning fast response and service. I look forward to doing more business with him in the future. Highly recommended!

Excellent to deal with very professional, knows how to make a customer feel happy dealing with him. Quick email responses, excellent packaging, a real class act. Will do business with again. A+

ASSET to Audiogon.Dealing with Alfred means quick shipping & a first rate buying experience. If the need should arise,I would not hesitate buying from him again in the future. AAA+++...

Alfred was a gem to deal with. He is passionate about audio and incredibly helpful. The KR 300B's (WE clone) which he suggested are superior to the new Western Electric reissues. Thanks
09-11-06  re: Accessory

The tubes I bought from Alfred are great, as was the transaction. He's a very knowledgeable, straight-shooter and open to thoroughly discussing any questions you may have. Excellent seller and superb resource on all things audio!
09-10-06  re: Accessory

Alfred was great to deal with - a straight shooter from the start. Not only did I know I was getting his honest opinion, his humor was a pleasure as well. He shipped immediately, and I have no doubt that I will turn to KR Audio the next time!
09-08-06  re: Accessory

Highly recommended. A+++ The rectifier tubes I bought are Big Pimpin'!!!

Alfred Kayser at KR Audio Products was a gem to work with. He was a refreshing dose of reality, much too infrequently encountered in the domain of audio. Alfred was extremely knowledegable, forthright, and delivered the product he promised without hesitation. His insights in to my special circumstances with my equipment were outstanding, in fact he offered more useful information about the amplifier than the manufacturer, who sadly has misled me for the past two years. I am delighted with his professionalism and applaud his honesty. Four stars for Alfred.

Doing business with Alfred is always a pleasure,very smooth transaction and great comunication. I will do business with him again! A+A+A+A+A+ Thanks for the good deal!!
08-27-06  re: Accessory

Great dealer, I won't hesitate to do more business. My highest recommendation. A+++++

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Quick shipment, excellent communication and terrific knowledge about NOS tubes.

First of all, I want to appreciate all the comfortable transaction that enabled me to buy some special models and as a result to enjoy great sound of mine now. Alfred is the most trustworthy seller that I've ever known. If I had a plan to buy any other audio goods, I would immediately consult him without hesitation.

Smooth transaction... excellent communication.. quick shipping. Very happy with the Mullard 12AT7s. :) Alfred is a pleasure to do business with... an Audiogon asset. Highly recommended! A++++++++

Alfred's got the goods; I was able to pick and choose to get just what I wanted at a more than fair price; thanks for the TIBO and I look forward to our next transaction
08-17-06  re: Analog

Wow, great seller, customer service in the extreem went out of their way to accomadate not to mention easy to get a hold of and communicate with.Highly recomended a credit to audiogon.
08-15-06  re: Analog

Alfred has provided a level of service which can only be described as brilliant - his Mullard EL-84 valves arrived within days (from Canada to England) perfectly packed and whilst I have only just fitted them I can tell that they are wonderful. This man deserves an Audiogon order of Merit for Customer service, product quality, honest integrity in pricing of both product and shipping and finally excellent communication. I think you could count me as a satisfied customer.

Alfred did a great job: excellent product, great packing, Fast shipping,smooth transaction, quick respons to emails, Excellent folowup, will buy from him again.A++++++++++++++++++
08-09-06  re: Accessory

Great seller, tubes as described, wonderful product, smooth transaction, quick shipment, superb customer service. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Real asset to Audiogon. AAA+++

The best. A+++

Very fast and reliable service from Alfred. Products always exceed expectations. My very highest recommendation. A+++++
07-31-06  re: Accessory

Al Kayser at KRaudioproducts is the kind of sales person you want, if your a tube roller and/or into the finest Vacuum Tube audio equipment, that money can buy! Al is a Professional Knowledgable with patience a 12vs1-10
07-28-06  re: Accessory

Alfred is honest and the product is good. Highly recommend to the members.
07-27-06  re: Accessory

Thanks for Good support. I'm very glad to get the special one that I've longed for. Happy to become your customer.
07-24-06  re: Cables

Great Great Great! You are GOD!
07-23-06 re: Cables

Alfred And KR Audio are the type of business I love. They respond quickly to emails and communicate very well. I intend to do much more business with them. My highest recommendation! A+++++
n 07-23-06  re: Accessory

Alfred knows his products. His packaging is perfect. The price is right. I'd place my next order on him for sure. AAA+++ rating!

In today world it is very hard.. to find a better person than Alfred!!
07-14-06  re: Accessory

You da' man Alfred! Great transaction and a perfect product, just like it was described to me. Alfred is very accessible and knowledgable... and quite entertaining too... Highly recommended.

the service was impeccable. there was no pressure sales, the customers satisfaction (my satisfaction) was more important than the sale, which is very hard to find. Sqrhed will have this customer for life, i am more than happy to continue doing busi

Alfred has the best Mullard 12AT7 you can buy. Honest and a pleasure to deal with. Highly recommended!
06-30-06  re: Accessory

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Wonderful products, fast shipment, professional handling..... Highly recommendable!!

these guys have a great knowledge of tubes and applications, a real fine pair of brimar cv 4004s, thanks and we will surly do business again,

honest service- great seller. I have another arm coming soon for a re-wire with you.
06-26-06  re: Analog

Alfred is a true gentleman. His communication was friendly & prompt; item was well-packed, shipped quickly & arrived lightning-fast in Australia, and it was exactly as described. I definitely plan to do business with Alfred again -- many thanks...

The best kind of seller -- knowledgeable, friendly, available, and most importantly, provides a QUALITY product. I'll be buying from him again, without a doubt. Thanks!!!
06-20-06  re: Analog

Provided good advice, by far the best price for what I purchased and fast ship. A1 dealer I would recommend and will most likely call on again.
06-20-06  re: Analog

Alfred I have enjoyed doing business with You. your honest,and your concern is genuine,your expertise fill the missing link in my system and brought it to life! YOU ARE THE MAN*******keep up the good work.

Alfred is THE MAN! Truely wonderful guy to work with. Honest, straight forward. Thank you for the wonderful KR300b. My search is over!!
06-12-06  re: Accessory

"Superb transaction and communication. Alfred will treat you very well and a is pleasure to deal with; product was everything it was claimed to be, many thanks."

"One of the best sellers I have ever met. Wonderful items, excellent and friendly communication. Alfred commands great respect. I really wish all sellers were like him!"

"Alfred is extremely friendly, knowledgeable, and honest. It's been a joy buying from him. I would not hesitate to buy from him again in the future. Definitely an AAA++++++ seller. Very Highly recommend."

"Alfred and the fine folks at KR Audio are the best in all my years of dealings on Gon. Went out of there way to insure tubes shipped out before post office closed for the day. They do not come any better than Alfred. AAA++++++++++++ Thanks again Alfred."

"Alfred is a pure pleasure to deal with - candid, knowledgeable, frank, and humorous; combine that in a company with superior products, super-fast communication and service and you get a wonderful experience. Most highly recommended!!!"

"Easy to deal with. Waited for my payment because I was on holiday. Will do business again with this seller."

"The type of company I like to do business with-nice products-good prices-quick delivery. Would buy from these guys again in a heartbeat!! A+A+A+"

"Excellent person to deal with. Alfred is a music lover and audio enthusiast not a salesmen type.. Until now there hasn't been a seller that I would want to deal with regularly.."

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"Prompt delivery, Great communication. A wonderful deal with Alfred. A+++"

"Best source for KR tubes in North America. Very nice, reliable and prompt seller"

"Excellent. Fast delivery of KR mono-blocks. Highly recommended. A gentleman."

A professional, helpful, and quick seller. Thanks! 

Smooth transaction - Very fast shipping, Nice informative e-mail, Nice Audiogon seller

Alfred is a gentleman who is very helpful, knowledgeable and honest...The KR 842VHD's are an articulate tube without being clinical...Tonal perfection, Lots of space, all of the detail in recordings...Extremely sweet...Thanx alot Alfred...ATWO

A true gentleman. Trustworthy, Honest Seller, Fast Shipping, Outstanding! Packing , it took me almost 20-minutes to unpack the Tubes :>) Highest quality tube's from KR, nothing better out there period. WOULD Buy Again. A+++++ THANKS! Bernie

Alfred is as honest as they come. Have peace of mind when dealing with him. Superb Agon member. Highly recommend.

Alfred took care of a warranty issue for me in the USA when two other (USA) dealers did not even give me the time of day. Alfred stands behind his products like no other! He is honest and a man of his word, he goes above and beyond to make sure you

Alfred is a rare find in this world to find an honest seller with the reputation and a person that will solve an issue is hard to come by he strives to go the extra mile when it comes to his reputation he is top of his class Thank You for everything 

Alfred has set me up with an incredible pair horn speakers. As always honesty and trust were the cornerstones of our transaction. Highly Recommended! Alfred is fantastic. I consider him a friend, not just an audiogon seller. Thanks Alfred!
n 05-15-05

Alfred is a true gentleman. Trustworthy, Honest, and Enthusiastic about audio. Alfred will go the extra mile to make sure your happy. If it is freezing cold in Canada, as Alfred will tell you, then he is the warm glow that heats that frozen tundra. 

Alfred and his dedicated team are the most helpful and resourceful I have ever came across in the business coupled to that they purvey some of the best amps and tubes on the planet.

Fantastic Amp - coupled with a caring, passionate, audiophile dealer - Alfred Kayser - a man who stands behind the KR line with deep commitment and unparalleled zeal. A rare combination in this industry.

Man what a great guy to deal with. Excellent service, packaging, and most of all, communication. He sent me my tracking #'s without me having to ask. Perfect 

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