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enjoy the music Kronzilla DX Monoblock Amplifier
Audiophillia "Kronzilla" Monoblock Power Amplifier
Audiophilia Anthony Kershaw listens to the KR VA340...
6 Moons KR Audio 300B Tube
enjoy the music KR Audio VA340 Integrated Amplifier
enjoy the music KR Audio 300B Balloon Triode Tube
enjoy the music Kronzilla DM (Dual Monoblock) Power Amplifier
6 Moons Antares VA 320
6 Moons KR Audio Antares VA340
6 Moons KR Audio Antares VA320
Manufacturers Mullard Tubes Martinelli Sound.  Gorgeous handmade wooden horn driven speakers
Commonsense Audio Manufacturers of Lowther, PAudio, Fostex, and Audio Nirvana fullrange, pointsource speakers. Prices begin at only $95/pr.
Art Audio Hi-End Audio dealer out of the US Perhaps the best subs in their class! MADE IN USA!
EFL Plasmas and other theatre screens - toronto
Publications (online & print)  
Audiophilia The Online Journal for the Serious Audiophile
6 moons Online industry reviewer of music and audio
Enjoy the Music High End Audiophile Equipment & Music website.
Hi Fi Choice The Audio Mag from the land of UK
Stereophile Magazine The most read Audio Magazine out of the US
Stereo Times The complete Audiophile Magazine
Canuck Audio Mart Canadian-based audio classifieds